Interfaith Services

A particular focus of Rev. Gagliano is supporting and working with individuals with special spiritual concerns or differing faith paths. For example, a couple seeking to marry may be Christian and Jewish, or Hindu.  Rev. Gagliano works with the couple to craft a wedding ceremony that is unique, tasteful and meaningful.

Rev. Gagliano is particularly dedicated to creating ceremony to enhance the transitions of life, assist with life’s challenges, or deepen one’s understanding of the Spiritual.  If you desire that a special ceremony to be created for you, that can be the result of a rewarding collaboration.

Among the other services Rev. Gagliano is specially trained to provide are Baby Blessings, Memorial Services, and ceremonies addressing accomplishment or loss.

Meditation guidance and pathworking exercises are also available as a means of spiritual exploration.  See also the website section on “Counseling.”

Veterans and first responders are eligible for services at a reduced cost.